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Life: The Movie

2013-02-18 14:50:29 by fuzzies

Open your mind, people. Life is a movie. You are the audience and everyone around you are the actors. They are the ones putting on the show. They are the actors in your movie, and you are the actors in their movies. You can sculpt your life to be any way that you would like. Don't rush life. Things take time, and with patience, you will see progress. I am learning a lot about myself and the people that love me for who I am, not for what I have. I have learned that family is the most important thing in the entire world and you cannot deny your family happiness to make others happy.

Damn, I lost my train of thought.

i need to start concentrating

2010-06-30 17:40:52 by fuzzies

i need more drugs, homie :|

i need to start concentrating

My Life

2010-02-19 17:07:57 by fuzzies

i need a get rich quick scheme...

does anyone have any ideas? i will return the favor. i can make any type of icon you want (ex. sigs, avatar pictures, etc.)

help a newgrounder out D:

My Life

I fuckin' love this shit.


I made the link big and obnoxious so you can clearly see it.

Also, here's a random picture I think most of you will enjoy.

Leave comments, i'm bored :D

Whoever likes rap, listen to this...


2009-11-24 05:03:49 by fuzzies

What do YOU want to talk about?



2009-11-13 03:28:02 by fuzzies

life pisses me the fuck off sometimes. so do some people called "friends." HAH!

anyways, here's a half naked girl for wasting your time. your precious 30 seconds! :o



2009-10-07 00:31:46 by fuzzies

delicious bagels.

with cream cheese.


2009-09-23 02:33:18 by fuzzies

i need a way to make some goddamn money fast. any suggestions?

New post

2009-07-16 23:53:32 by fuzzies

One of my NG buddies, SevenSeize, suggested that I write a new blog, so here goes nothing. I haven't been up to much lately. I don't want to do much in life right now. I want to sit back and relax, but it is not as easy as it seems. Everywhere you turn, there's people bothering you and annoying you about every little thing. Can't we all just get along? Cmonnn.

Update on my life

2008-07-25 04:21:15 by fuzzies

Alright, so I haven't been on Newgrounds in a while. I was lurking the forums yesterday and I kind of missed posting and talking to the different types of folks that are on here. Anyways, my life has been amazing lately. I got a new girlfriend and everything's good with her. I got great dank for myself to pass the time by. And I'm heading off to college next month or so. It should be fun.